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You can wait for disaster to happen, or prevent it by performing managed, hands‑on attack simulation on your corporate environment.

We've got what you need!

Mugglesec is an information and cyber security consulting company which consists from Offensive Security Experts only. We concentrate mostly on Advanced Penetration Testing, meaning fully managed attack simulations on real corporate environments.

Such a limited scope along with attractive pricing policy allows us to provide high-end results while maintaining reasonable cost expectations.

In our vision - Advanced Penetration Testing will help everyone to predict and mitigate any potential cyber security threats.

Why so unique?

While holding most demanded certifications OSCP & OSCE, we perform attack simulations on daily basis with experience of more than hundred penetration tests behind.

Successful enterprise-level projects across various sectors such as finance, medical, industrial and high-tech all over the world.

If needed we can perform malicious activity simulation without being noticed by Security Operations Center (SOC) while attacking production environment of critical infrastructures without downtime.

Needless to say, Mugglesec is providing comprehensive issue mitigation support.

Perimiter is broken.

During Penetration Tests we are thinking about various scenarios.

For example:
External Penetration Test will simulate a potential attacker, who wants to cause any informational/financial or reputation damage to the company from outside the perimeter.

Meanwhile, inside the Perimiter, Internal Penetration Test will simulate a malicious corporate user, who wants to escalate his privileges in order to change his monthly salary or access and sell corporate sensitive information. Another scenario might simulate a potential attacker, who gained physical connection to Internal Network and wants to spread ransomware across all endpoints.

Web Application Penetration Tests will simulate both malicious users and unauthenticated attackers in order to gain full access to the application server, get access to Intellectual Property or hop to the Internal Network.

The bottom line is that the attacker might be already inside your orgazation.

The methodology:


Performing a deep enumeration of provided scope in order to identify potentially dangerous issues

Vulnerability Exploitation

Exploitation of found vulnerabilities or misconfigurations

Lateral Movement

Increase foothold in corporate environment side by side with gaining access to different valuable resources

Privilege Escalation

Vertical or Horizontal Privilege Escalation within provided scope

Detailed Reporting

Provide detailed report of attack simulation with found issues and indepth mitigation steps

Mitigation Support

Provide technical support in order to eliminate security breach as soon as possible

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